The Most Expensive Liquid?

With the way the economy is going and the non-stop talk about global warming, more and more companies are going green.  Yet, have you noticed that some so called “green” companies aren’t really green?  They’re just faking it?  Take for instance direct mail coupons.  Now, you can sign up online and have the coupons delivered to your email inbox.  Guess what!  You still have to print those coupons in order to use them.  For example, think about your favorite retailer.  How many times have they said, “oh, can we have your email address? Special promotions will be emailed to you.”  You still have to print those special promotions and bring them into the store in order for it to work.  Txtmailer is different and truly green.  You never have to print the coupons texted to your cell phone in order for them to work.  There is no special barcode that needs to be scanned, no special promotion code that needs to be printed, just a specific text message that you can easily and conveniently flash at any sales associate in order for your discount to work.  Not only will you save trees, but you will save money on printer ink!  Just think, according to an article on “Connected Internet,” printer ink accounted for “more than 50% of fiscal 2004 profits for the HP” (  Likewise, “some cartridges [are] costing up to $100 each for a measly 20ml, making printer ink one of the most expensive liquids on the planet” (…).  Do the math on that expense alone!  Don’t waste our resources; flash a cell phone, save a tree, and save your ink! Visit for full details on how easy it is to save money.


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Limits to Recycling

According to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, it costs $11,771,160 to run the recycling program for the state.  The recycling plan for the city of Phoenix costs $5,291,000 annually, and Mesa costs roughly $3,364,656.  In total, the recycling plans in the Phoenix Metro area saved $2,876,483 from the cost of running landfills, incinerators, and other trash disposal methods.  More detailed information can be found on the ADEQ website proper, but let’s exam these numbers more closely.

Junk mail makes up 35 billion tons of waste a year, recycling costs Arizona nearly 12 million dollars, and the savings is minimal.  Also, examine the rules for recycling: “Junk mail – includes non self-sealing envelopes. Remove plastic credit cards or bags. Previous literature may say no plastic windowed envelopes, however improvements at paper recycling plants allow for these windows to be strained out of the paper pulp mix. It is still good recycling habit to tear the window out, however it is not necessary.”  How many of you actually sit and tear the plastic windows out of an envelope and do they even make non self-sealing envelopes anymore?  Continuing with the rules: “NO HARDBACK OR PAPERBACK BOOKS, SELF SEALING ENVELOPES, PHOTOGRAPHS, EMBOSSED CARDS OR WRAPPING PAPER, MYLAR BALLOONS, NEWSPAPER PLASTIC BAGS, RUBBER BANDS OR BLUEPRINTS.
All of these items cannot be recycled with regular paper. They cause de-inking and pulping processes to be disrupted and reduce the value of acceptable paper items.” Don’t forget, the recycling plants won’t accept shredded paper either.  So, don’t shred the trash with your personal information on it, tear out the little plastic envelope, forget those postcard like mass mailings you get for ads on saving money on a new ceiling fan, and while you’re at it, why don’t you personally figure out how to recycle paper.  However, there are ways to eliminate this problem from your life all together.  Opt out of junk mail at the direct mail marketers’ website, and opt into!

Txtmailer is an innovative way to receive discounts without using any natural resources.  Log in to our website, pick the types of companies you want to hear from, and receive text message alerts with directions on how to save money.  The service is completely free, you never have to print out our messages, and you can pick how many or how few alerts you receive per month!  Stop filling your mailbox with junk, and stop filling our recycling plants with paper they can’t even recycle.  Join the thousands of other savvy shoppers on and start saving today!

For a complete list of rules for recycling in Phoenix, check out:


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Easy Savings.

When you went to college, did any one professor stand up at the front of the room and say, “You will need to make 50,000 dollars a year in order to survive?”  In the Phoenix metro area, it is estimated that the average household income is just shy of that mark (http://www.phoenixhomezone….).  As of May 2009, the average college graduate can expect to make 46,000 dollars annually, with those who possess art degrees expecting to make about 30,000 dollars annually and engineers can expect to make near to 60,000 dollars annually (…).  In other words, the average 2009 college graduate is going to make “just enough” to get by according to the current cost of living.  Making “just enough” does not leave much room for error in budget calculating, let alone leaving any room for dry cleaning that expensive suit you purchased for job

To exacerbate the issue, the graduating class of 2009 has actually seen a drop in post-graduate job offers as well as in salary expectations.  The overall average salary is down by 2.2 percent, and 42 percent of all disciplines are experiencing a down turn in salaries (http://www.collegerecruiter…).  This downward trend in starting salaries only reinforces the need for some financial relief.  Fortunately, there are companies like Txtmailer that offer just that.

Imagine a company that provides for you a data base of companies that you actually shop at: dry cleaners, department stores, coffee shops, bowling alleys, you name it.  Take that data base and imagine you can pick and choose the different specialties of stores and have them send you text messages filled with savings to your personal cell phone.  Also, imagine that the service is spam free, and that the service is completely free to use. Now, visit the website and experience our free database of text message delivering companies and experience a dream come true.


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Every Penny Counts!

save money with txtmailer.comI suppose money is one of those ideals that everyone talks about having but that no one actually has.  Perhaps that just happens to be the social norm of a college-aged person?  Or perhaps it’s a testament to the current economic crisis this country is facing?  Here are some exciting statistics that will nauseate your wallet:
The average cost to attend Arizona State University is $5,661 per year for “in-state” and $17,949 for “out of state” tuition.  Each credit hour costs roughly $400 for “in-state” and $800 for “out of state.”  The average ASU graduate owes $17,732 in student loans, and only 48% of the student body works.

Look at those statistics again.  There are so many factors working against young adults in America today; is it really a surprise that the majority of us cannot afford the lavish college experience of yesteryear?  How many times have you caught yourself saying, “sure, I’d love to go with you, but I can’t afford to buy anything right now?”  Or perhaps you were “that guy” who only ate appetizers during happy hour because they happened to be half price?  Wouldn’t being able to eat an entrée at half price have tasted better?  According to costopedia, you would need nearly $22,000 per school year to attend ASU and eat three whole meals a day; mind you, that is eating in the cafeteria every day, too (  However, wouldn’t it be more fun to be able to pick and choose where you get your discounts at, and wouldn’t it be more fun if they were at restaurants and bars you actually liked to eat at?

Txtmailer is the only network available that offers you an opportunity to use your cell phone to save money.  You can limit the number of offers you receive, you can pick the places you receive offers from, and if you find yourself not using the data base at all, you can always opt out and close your account.  Here’s how it works: log in at, enter your cell phone number, your email address, and pick the type of places you would want to save money from.  For example, let’s say you have a pizza fetish.  You can pick to receive savings from your favorite pizza restaurants only.  You will start receiving text message notifications from those pizza joints with coupons right to your cell phone.  In other words, you’ll be able to eat a real meal for a change just by flashing a text message at the waiter.  The best part of the service: it is completely free to use.  Just think of it as free money and a way to get out of having to eat microwaveable noodles every day for four years.


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Going Green!

Recycling, while not a novel concept, has recently undergone a revolution of sorts in the hearts of Americans.  The idea of going green has never been promoted more in television, movies, and major consumer markets.  You cannot escape the constant reminders that global warming is real, the waste stream is out of control, and resources are limited; yet, even in this “green” minded economy, trees are being wasted thoughtlessly by the Direct Marketing businesses, or what I like to refer to as junk mail.  According to a study published by Oberlin University, each American recycled approximately 360 pounds of paper in 2007, but only 48 percent of “office paper” was recycled that year.  In other words, all that junk mail is still being thrown away.  The EPA estimates that “recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 mature trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, 2 barrels of oil, and 4,100 kilowatt-hours of electricity — enough energy to power the average American home for five months” (  What would happen if junk mail were stopped entirely?  Would an entire rainforest be saved? 

Junk mail can easily be stopped, and a much more eco friendly resource for coupons and deals is reachable by fingertips: Txtmailer.  Each year “the average household throws away 13,000 separate pieces of paper…most is packaging and junk mail” (  What does that translate to?  The “average American uses seven trees a year in paper, wood, and other products made from trees. This amounts to about 2,000,000,000 trees per year!” (  A single Sunday paper requires 500,000 trees to die.  If you received those same advertisements you were looking for on your cell phone rather than in the newspaper or the mail box, potentially, you could save 75,000 trees (  Here is some food for thought: Txtmailer is an online advertising agency that allows YOU the consumer to browse our database, select the types of businesses you would like to hear from, set the number of advertisements you would like to receive, and wait for advertisements and deals to come to your cell phone.  Let’s take a moment to look at this again – a single New York Times equals 75,000 trees, a single text message equals no trees.  The average American uses seven trees a year in paper, but what if you cut out junk mail?  What if the only thing you received in the mail was mail, and all your advertisements came to your cell phone?  And those advertisements were hand-picked by you?  No more advertisements coming in your mail box that you did not ask for.  Direct Marketing is easy to opt out of, which keeps you from having to kill a tree because someone wants to sell you a giant green horseshoe:


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No Spam for you!

Spam.  No, not that funny looking boxed meat item you can buy in the grocery store and eat.  I am talking about Spam Mail.  I hate SPAM.  Ok, I hate that funny looking meat like item they sell at the grocery store, too; but I really hate opening my mail box and being inundated with piles upon piles of junk.  Do I look like I want to buy a canopy for my backyard?  Since when was I in the market for a shower chair?  Why do business owners think that if they spend a small fortune on Direct Marketing mail that some clueless fool will be convinced to buy said item shown on the glossy postcard found in his mail box?  There is a much more effective way to find deals and clients alike: Txtmailer.

Txtmailer is a distinct and premiere advertising agency that links consumers with the businesses they use.  Business owners and consumers alike can peruse an exclusive data base of Txtmailer subscribed users.  Texters can find companies they actually want to hear from, such as dry cleaners, department stores, restaurants, and coffee shops, as opposed to that strange massage parlor that no one has ever seen open during the day.  Now, the reason why I mentioned that strange, square meat-like substance?  Txtmailer is SPAM FREE.  Txtmailer will not sell your phone number or email address, your personal business preferences, or any other information you wish to give us.


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Your roll in helping our planet earth!

Whoever thought we would live in a world where we would have to worry about our carbon footprints. Deforestation alone accounts for pieces of the world’s forest to disappear that are roughly the size of Panama every year. This expansive loss of trees causes weather changes that can be catastrophic to the Earth’s eco-systems. Trees perpetuate the water cycle by returning water vapor back into the air; without trees, areas that were once heavily vegetated are quickly becoming barren desert areas.

You may be asking yourself, “what does deforestation have to do with me?” Have you ever looked in your mail at all the junk mail you receive? Did you know that only 30 percent of that mail is recycled annually? According to the Direct Marketing Association, those people responsible for dropping off all that junk mail in your mailbox, Americans threw away 35.7 million tons of paper in 2006 alone. While they are insisting on us to “recycle” the junk they drop off in our mailboxes, wouldn’t it make more sense to receive the advertisements you want in your inbox on your cell phone? Direct mail alone makes up for 2% of ALL waste in America! Only 33 percent of the waste stream is actually recycled, mostly due to restrictions on the type of paper, the type of plant the paper is dropped off at, and the condition of the paper. If I never wanted the advertisement to begin with, could I have saved a tree?

Txtmailer is an innovative way at looking at this crisis. Not only can I choose which companies I want to receive text messages from, but I can choose the number of texts I receive. I can opt out of receiving Direct Marketing as much as possible by notifying my local post office that I no longer wish to receive generic mass mailings, and I can log online and select the businesses I want to hear from. What a concept! No more ads for new tile, sunken bathtubs, or scary looking Chinese restaurants are coming to my mailbox. Instead, I can set up my own free account, peruse through the business catalog, and opt to receive texts for dry cleaning, department stores, and car washes. Save a tree. Stop increasing the size of America’s carbon footprint and start being tech savvy with the latest app to hit cell phones. You carry that thing with you everywhere you go anyway. Why not make it do something good for planet Earth, too?

References, and yes you know you want to read these, too!

National Recycling Coalition
“Please Recycle”


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Digital Driven Society..

txtmailer, text message couponsText messages, SMS messages, Blackberry Instant Messenger, all words that have become a part of our vernacular.  Each cell phone provider in the United States offers some package or another, and forget ever traveling and being “unreachable;” you can take your blackberry anywhere in the world and text message your friends while drinking a latte on the beach in Europe or from the Subway in Australia.  According to a report published on CNN concerning text message usage in 2007, “about 75 billion SMS text messages were sent in June, averaging about 2.5 billion messages a day, the report said. This represents an increase of 160 percent over the 28.8 billion messages reported in June 2007.”  Data packages alone “generated $14.8 billion in revenue for the first half of 2008, or accounted for about 20 percent of total mobile carrier revenues” (  This is a 40 percent increase from 2007 alone, or roughly 10 billion dollars (  You might be asking yourself, what is the point of throwing these facts in my face; I clearly do not own my own cell phone service provider?  The point is, think of the potential audience you could reach by just sending a text message to a group.

If there are 2.5 billion text messages sent a day, and Txtmailer has the only data base of “subscribed” text message receivers, think of how much business you could potentially bring in.  First and foremost, young adults in America, who happen to be the majority of the spenders in this country, never leave home without their cell phones.  Truth be told, I never leave my bed without my blackberry.  According to a published 2003 study, “Harris Interactive estimates that America’s youth, Generation Y, has a total $175.1 billion dollar per year spending power in today’s economy” (  That’s an obscene amount of spending power untapped by digital media.  The average text messenger is part of Generation Y, and that text messenger wants to be as savvy as humanly possible.  In other words, make your business accessible to America’s youth by reaching them in a way no other business has been able to before: text message.  Be among the first businesses in America to reach a broad range of potential clients through Txtmailer’s exclusive data base.  Browse our web page for further information on how Txtmailer works, but think of the following: this is the premiere text message advertising agency in America with an exclusive data base of bargain seeking text message users.  That’s roughly 2.5 billion text messages about your company just waiting to be sent.


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Join us on all our social network sites, find out information on txtmailer’s exciting upcoming services!


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Advertising for your business just got easier, and cheaper!

txtmailer provides the easiest and cheapest way to advertise for any business.  txtmailer allows you to register your business for FREE into the txtmailer business database where thousands of customers can then add you onto their list, get your text messages and done!  You have direct contact with customer you know are using your business, buying your product or whatever it is you are sending/advertising!  It’s that easy, it’s totally free for your customers and for yourself to register your business.  Find out more by going to our website at

Why use txtmailer?

Txtmailer is a complete direct advertising tool.  The old paper coupon method is slowly fading along with the rest of the paper advertising world, with newspapers going out of business on a weekly basis it will slowly become a thing of the past.  Txtmailer’s innovative advertising online application allows you and your customers to be in complete control, communicating with customers you know are coming back or new customers finding you in the business directory!  Yes, paper coupon mailers go out to thousands of mailboxes, but only to be trashed right away, only a handful will actually see your add and even use the advertisment/coupon.  With txtmailer your ad is directly sent to your customers cellphone, always on, always with them and you know they will use it.



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